Top 8 Major Elements of Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPC is now among the most common applications that can be seen in factory and working environments. PPE equipment can be easily worn by workers for minimizing exposure to different kinds of occupational hazards. Some PPE examples include fall protection, aprons, gloves, safety jackets, foot, eye and head protection. The use of PPE would only be a single element in a complete program safety that would employ different kinds of strategies for maintenance of healthy and safe working environment. However, total or permanent protection isn’t guaranteed by PPE as the hazard isn’t eliminated itself.

The major elements of personal protective equipment can be categorized through the body area of protected body, by the types of hazard, and the garment accessory. A single item, like safety shoes, would provide different types of protection: with steel insoles and steel toe cap you get different proper protection from puncture injuries or crushing, impervious rubber and protection lining from chemicals and water protection, high reflectivity and heal resistance through radiant heat protection, and high electrical resistivity protection through electric shock. Here lie the top 8 major elements of PPE-:

1. Noise

With the help of earmuffs and earplugs the ...Read More

Guard Against Summer Ear Injuries!

With summer just around the corner, I know I’m going to start seeing a lot more patients with ear complaints and injuries. Why? Many ear conditions and injuries arise from things associated with warm weather and busier outdoor activity, like water sports, motorcycles, and amusement park rides, Fourth of July celebrations, flying insects! They all can create their special problems for your ears if you’re not careful. Let me tell you how.

Water Sports and Other Amusements

Infections and barotrauma injury (sudden atmospheric pressure changes from wind force or deep water) to the ears are the two most common types of injuries that can occur frequently in summer. Here’s how they happen:

Swimmer’s Ear: Water gets into the ear canal and destroys its natural acidity that normally checks bacteria. Infections can start deep in the ear and become very painful. Kids most often get swimmer’s ear but I see a lot of adult patients with it as well. In fact, you can get swimmer’s ear from getting water in your ear in the shower!

The symptoms are itching at first, a sense of blockage, decreased hearing, and then pain. However, swimmer’s ear is pretty easily treated with antibiotic eardrops that should relieve ...Read More

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture – Bird Droppings

Cleaning outdoor furniture becomes a regular task during the warm months when we are using our outdoor living areas more often. There are also plenty of birds around who leave their calling cards in the form of bird droppings on outdoor furniture and fixtures.

Prevention is the best way. By putting everything away after use you will keep it in better condition for longer. However, the fact is most of us are not going to be carting outdoor furniture backwards and forwards from storage every time we want to use it.

Bird Dropping Damage

Just like on the paintwork of your car the acidic bird droppings can cause lasting damage if left unkempt for a period of time. Besides that, it looks very unsightly and it can be a little embarrassing to be offering someone a seat covered in mess.

Bird dropping in large amounts can also pose a health risk so be sure to never try to clean while dry as the inhaled dust can make you ill.

Once a Week Habit

Getting into the routine of cleaning your outdoor furniture as you do your indoor areas. A once a week wash over with mild detergent and warm water will go a long ...Read More

Benefits of Copper Range Hoods

Range hoods are an effective item to have in any kitchen environment, but at the same time they can become a focal point, bringing the kitchen together, blending in with appliances and surfaces to provide you with a dream kitchen design.

The main benefit of a copper range hood is it will become a focal point in the kitchen. It is guaranteed to make a great statement to anyone who walks into your home. Copper range hoods enhance your kitchen design; they come in a choice of sizes, colors and styles, enabling you to choose the best match to blend in with your overall design.

Copper range hoods provide you with versatility and flexibility. They don’t only come in a choice of sizes, but they come in various colors, designs and styles, enabling you to find that perfect match to blend into your space with ease. You can choose the depth, the overall design and then ensure it works with the rest of your space, helping you design your dream kitchen with ease.

When buying any range hood, whether you choose copper or another material, ventilation is essential. You want to focus on the CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratio, the ...Read More

The Uses of Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware sets are not just used for dinners as the word says. Dinnerware refers to the set of plates, bowls, spoon and fork or in simple terms refers to dishes. Dishes are used for eating and for serving food. A person that loves cooking and adores food wants their dishes to be useful and stay longer. We will review about the different types of dinnerware that are available today.

There are times that dinnerware are not just used for serving food or for eating. It is sometimes locked in a cabinet arranged properly with a specially designed rack to hold them in place. When I went to my grandmother’s house for a birthday party, I went to her kitchen to help her prepare the food. I saw a lot of plates and bowls, different types and designs of spoons and forks all displayed in a beautiful wooden antique cabinet. I asked her if I can wash those plates and use them for the guests. She strongly disagree and said that those plates are valuable and never been used and just for a display because it is her collection and costs a fortune.

Aside from displaying expensive plates in the cabinets, ...Read More

Advantages Of East Facing House Plans

Are you planning of constructing a house? While there are many house plans that you can go with, not all of them are ideal for you. One of the best plans that you should consider is the east facing plan.

Benefits Of East Facing House Plan

There are a number of benefits that come with an east facing plan. Some of the benefits include:

Sunlight: since the sun rises from the east, it means that your house will be receiving a lot of sunlight during the early morning. This will reduce your energy bills as you don’t have to leave the lights on if you wake up early.

Health: researchers have shown that the morning sun is always the best. Since your house will be facing east, you will be getting the most from the beneficial morning sun.

Tips To Consider When Designing An East Facing House Plan

For you to design a perfect east facing house you need to put a number of tips into consideration:

Plenty of space on the east: as an architect you need to leave enough space in the east. This is the space that the people in the house will be using to bask during the early morning.

Short east ...Read More

The Advantages of the Crystal Chandelier Over Other Light Fixtures

Modern chandelier pieces have long been considered as the best lighting fixtures. This can be credited to their ability to integrate elegance and functionality. Their aesthetics encapsulate the meaning of sophistication and style, while their lighting capabilities could brighten up even the darkest of rooms. Chandelier fixtures have developed profoundly; once considered as mere candle holders, they have now emerged into grandiose series of lights that have revolutionized the look and feel of many homes and commercial establishments.

Among the chandelier types that we are aware of, the crystal chandelier is probably the most popular and often used. Contrary to the belief that this kind of chandelier is only for the rich, many middle class homes are now also fitted with this beautiful hanging furnishing because they could definitely add value to homes. The installation of such lighting fixtures is said to be the most ideal means to dramatically enhance not only the ceiling but most importantly the general appearance of a room. Aside from this however, there are still myriads of benefits that could be gained upon using them.

The very first perk that crystal chandelier could provide is credited to its aesthetics. Regarded as the most efficient hanging ...Read More

Bathtub Refinishing Fumes – How To Protect Yourself

Bathtub refinishing is being used more by hotels, apartment complexes and homeowners because of a housing downturn, a mortgage-meltdown, and overall depressed and depressing economy as a way to save money in their bathroom renovation. Another interest in re-glazing is being fueled by informed masses who have shown a continued interest in “greening” their homes, particularly in making them more energy efficient. Consumers are looking for ways to save money, and the environment and that is what bathtub refinishing does- provide savings of up to 80% over replacement while sparing the landfills.

But unlike other services like carpet cleaning, plumbing, pest control etc, where consumers know what to expect from their service contractor, tub re-glazing business is unknown to many. And because of this lack of knowledge, many don’t know what the process involves, what to expect and what the the final outcome will be. Here is the bathtub refinishing process in a nutshell: A tub is cleaned, fully etched, cleaned, prime coated and top coated.

The equipments used are a turbine, a sprayer and a big exhaust fan. The protective equipment is similar to what you’ll see used in mold remediation or asbestos removal. If the fumes coming out of ...Read More

Buy An Upholstered Bed For A Luxury Life, But Make It Safe

Buying an upholstered bed is not a very huge investment, but no matter how big or small the investment might be we should make sure that it’s safe. No doubt buying an upholstered bed is a sign of extreme class and a sophisticated living but trust me it’s really simple to acquire one of these lifestyles with a very limited investment. Along with providing additional comfort and ease it also needs extra care and maintenance. There are many pros and cons of buying upholstered beds and in this article, we will know a few of them. There are n number of designs of them available in the market. Nowadays with the increase in number of people opting for online shopping, ample of varieties are made available in upholstered beds at the online furniture stores. Whether you want to project a masculine look with your decor or a feminine look, with the different fabrics and materials of them you can have it all.

There are a certain list of factors that are considered while buying a upholstered bed i.e different types of foams used, and different types of fabrics used to cover it. Before you buy this bed, you need ...Read More

Drafting Tables: Their Importance In The Modern World

In the old days drafting tables would have been known as architects tables and were always large, heavy pieces of furniture. They were designed so that anyone using them would be able to put large sheets of paper onto them. These large pieces of furniture were used for many different purposes, whether drawing sketches, writing or for drawing precise plans, the designing table was a real workhorse for the user.

These older models of the now classic designs, were ornate pieces of furniture made out of exotic types of wood. There were so beautifully made that very often you would find them in libraries or in study rooms, who would use these tables as a writing desk.

With the Industrial revolution a new specialized trade appeared in the world, these draftsmen, as they were known, began using these large stands to draw out the plans that they had been commissioned to do and within a short space of time, the drafting table was to be made out of steel instead of the traditional wood.

Today tables are collectively utilitarian in design, enabling the professional draftsman to use ...Read More